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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by cadalyst, Aug 27, 2003.

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    I made the major mistake of going with membership client pro which is completely encrypted so cannot integrate affiliate program with it. Just wanted to check before buying your package if there is an affiliate addon or option with your package. Also for paypal recurring payments does paypal choose username passwords like my current package...One last thing..can it email using html..and does all the emails advertise your script..
    Thanks for your valuable time..
  2. abbeyvet

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    Feb 2, 2003
    I know Alex is planning an affiliate addon, but I think it is some way off yet. aMember though can be integrated with other affiliate programs - or rather vice versa.

    For the purposes of your membership the username and password will be chosen (or allocated, depending on your config settings) at your site. However users who do not have PayPal accounts will of course have to set one up and use different login information there.

    last bit first - no, there are no ads in the emails.

    Also no, aMember does not send out HTML mails.

    If you are talking about regular broadcast emails to members, and these are important to you and need to be in HTML, then there is a plugin for ListMailPro (, which I use and on which I maintain about 18 mailing lists, many specific to a single product, all fully integrted with aMember. They work like a dream together and Dean at ListMail is almost as helpful as Alex!

    Really for broadcast emails which use HTML you need a specialist mailinglist manager, rather than a membership manager. Generating multi-part mime messages with text and HTML versions automatically going out to maximise the number of people who can read the mails is not a simple matter.

    The housekeeping (welcome, confirmation, lost password etc) emails sent by aMember are all text messages, but are easily edited and can use information pertaining to the member very readily.

    Hope this is useful to you.

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