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    I have an online database with access to over 20 different journals (each in their own subdirectory), each of which can have up to 100 different issues (also in their own subdirectories). It would take a long time to add up to 20x100=2000 products to the database.

    It would be very useful to be able to specify a journals as a product, AND provide access to ANY ONE or more issues, without having to add each one as a new product.

    You would specified a "master" Product URL as follows:

    ACCESS TO JOURNALX @ $5 each for 2 days

    And then specify a list of sub-product URLs on the SAME product page (which the Master product URL indicates costs $5 each for 2 days):
    ISSUE 01
    ISSUE 02
    ISSUE 03
    ISSUE 04

    And then the sign-up pages shows the following (or as a drop-down multiple selection box):

    ACCESS TO JOURNALX @ $5 each
    [ ] ISSUE 01
    [ ] ISSUE 02
    [ ] ISSUE 03
    [ ] ISSUE 04

    ACCESS TO JOURNALX @ $6 each
    [ ] ISSUE 05
    [ ] ISSUE 06
    [ ] ISSUE 07
    [ ] ISSUE 08

    Customers can then choose one of more issues of the same journal, all of which have the same price.

    Ian Tresman
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  2. alex

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    Jan 24, 2004
    unfortunately, it is impossible in current aMember Pro version.

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