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    I am setting up a site to sell our php scripts. Basically I would setup
    a different directory for each script that would contain the latest files
    etc. It will also allow access to the specific section of the forum related
    to the product. Access would be limited to 6 months and could be

    I know from reading here that this should not be a problem but I am not
    sure about the following.

    1. Can you set a lower price for a renewal? ie. $80 then $20 every 6 months
    I was thinking that I could have a seperate renewal product but I do not
    want them to be able to order that without purchasing at full price first.

    2. Can customers purchase multiple subscriptions to the same product if they
    require multiple licenses for the scripts?

    3. The scripts require a valid license number to operate. I will add a couple
    of tables for my licensing system and license handling scripts.
    Would it be difficult to add a table containing the user(s) license to the
    members page?

    4. Are there any docs on adding your own processor. I use Network 1
    (eftsecure). I can do it myself I just would need to know where.

    5. Do you think your product would be well suited for this type of setup
    or do you think I would need to build something like that from the
    ground up?

  2. I use aMember Pro to sell perl/php scripts on our site. I am new to aMember, and havne't actully opened the doors on our new aMember system, but during this testing phase, it seems that aMember is a perfect solution for selling scripts to the general public.

    I offer 6 months access to the Member's Area, where users can download the scripts they pay for, plus any upgrades, supporting files and patches. After 6 months, they will have to renew if they wish to keep their active status.

    [quote}Forum Access would be limited to 6 months and could be

    Not sure how this would work, but I think you would have to have a forum in a directory that is controlled by .htaccess, so aMember can update the .htpasswd file and NOT allow expired members to access the protected forum.

    In essence, no, not for the exact same product. But, I believe this would be possible by adding duplicate products. One at full price, and another renew product at the $20 price. When you add a product to the list, you can have it display only to paid members. In other words, a product will not show up on the initial "Sign Up" form. And users can't choose it when they first sign up. So, a user must choose the $80 product during sign up, and once they are a member, they can choose the Renew Product at $20 in their control panel.

    If I were doing this, I would set up many different products, say "Script A - 1 Site License - $80" and "Script A - 2 Site License - $160" and "Script A - 3 Site License - $240". But, if you have many scripts for sale, this could end up giving you alot of different products.

    I know this can be done, because when I purchased aMember Pro, there was a link in my member's Control panel that allowed my to click and get my aMember License. Not sure how it works though!

    I haven't seen any, but they may exist. All I can say about the user docs, is they are limited!

    I think everything is in your favor, except for the payment processor thing. I would recommend you select a payment processor that is already supported, because of the tight integration that is needed with the scripts. Or you can talk with the authors, and ask them to create this new processor for you and add it to aMember.

    Hope this helps, I just wanted to give you my two cents, becaue I am about the open the doors on my system and I am also selling script!


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