2 years using amember, my wish list

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    Sep 11, 2014
    Now that i`m using two amembers, i wanted to add my wish list that i feel could improve my needs but also others may agree or disagree with.

    Admin CP side

    Each area where a ip is listed (last sign in, or in user info) could be clicked to see where the ip is from. I have a server that also adds flags from ips. some sort maybe of a ip2country file that can be updated.

    Spam emails, ips
    Loads of sites have a area to import known spam emails or ip`s. Be great to have this added as this may solve spam bots or known throw away emails that cause us time to remove and then ban ip and email.

    Custom Fields
    Maybe some more options here, one would be copy a field like what we can do with products. As i wanted 4 things the same, i had to make them from scratch , where i could of just copied and change small parts.
    Maybe a way to have java or html options to allow things to be added .

    BCC or html edits for auto welcome help-desks tickets and to do this via panel and not from site php.
    Loads of message-boards have a auto welcome options, so should be easy php code.
    something on left that says, welcome user yes or no and then the template with bcc/html

    Mobile to mobile payments as well as straight to bank account options for payment

    will add more :)

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