Disable any Links to the BuddyPress Registration Page

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Site Registration with BuddyPress

By default, the BuddyPress plug-in adds front-end registration and login to a WordPress site. With the aMember integration, all registrations and login/logouts are handled from aMember; therefore, the best solution to this is as follows:

  1. From the WordPress admin panel go to Settings -> General and then uncheck “Anyone can register”. This shuts down the WordPress and BuddyPress registration system.
  2. During the BuddyPress installation a registration page was created at http://yoursite.com/wordpress/register (assuming you installed WordPress in a directory named “wordpress”. If a user goes to that page they will be shown the message” User registration is currently not allowed” Therefore, remove any links to this page from your site.
    1. If you are controlling access to BuddyPress pages through the WordPress Custom menu, simply do not include a menu item to the BuddPress registration page.
    2. If you are using a special BuddyPress theme that has the Registration Page link "hard coded", it will need to be modified.

BuddyPress Extended Profile

One of the main reasons BuddyPress includes a front end registration process is to “force” users to fill out the extended profile. Since the profile page is skipped when using the WordPress/aMember integration you should encourage users to visit their profile and complete this information. Two suggestions are:

  1. In the registration verification email sent to all new users, encourage them to visit their profile page and complete the information.
  2. Use a plugin such as Achievements for BuddyPress that can be configured to send users to the profile page on their first login. You can also use this plugin to reward those that complete their profile with a badge or other reward.